Water screens
  Water screens are used for laser and video presentations. These can be installed indoors (closed loop - falling down) and outdoors („Peacock tail“). A 30m width and 10m hight of „Peacock tail“ type screen is used for laser and video projection.  Width of the falling down screen should be up to 20m. A closed loop water screen can be installed indoors by using 2.5m segments. Below is constructed water pool. Water drops give for laser light additional diamond glance, whereas thickness of screen – 3D imagination. 




 Water fountains


   Water fountains impart to our shows vitality and playfulness. Especially water effects seems very playful when iluminated with lasers and lights. We can construct single or multiple water spurts, „archs“ or other figures. The height of fountains is regulated up to the 6m height.


 Production and test of the water fountains


 Water fountains in television show