Photometers and polarimeters




Applications: A polarimeter is used for precise control of sugar, glucose, fructose, alkaloids, nucleinic acids and other optically active materials in  pharmacy, biology, chemical and food industry.   

Operation principle.  Operation of the device is based on the rotation of polarization plane under light propagation in optically active media. The angle of polarization rotation φ is proportional to the concentration c, and length of the tube l.


                                                                            φ= [α]*c*l




·          Concentration,  g/l 0¸40
·          Precision,  % 0.2
·          Measurement time, s 2
·          Size, mm 230´170´15
·          Weight,  kg 3






Applications: A photometer can be used in transmittance measurement of windows to the visible and infrared radiation, determination of light transmittance (in %) of car windows.


Under request of a customer the spectral range of the devise should be selected at any wavelength from the ultraviolet to the far infrared.








       Parameter Light transmittance  Infrared radiation transmittance
·          Transmittance, %0-1000-100
·          Precision, %0.20.2
·          Spectral range, nm532 and 6701100 - 2500
·          Measurement time, sec22
·          Weight, kg24