Laser techniques
  The RGB solid-state laser projector consists of three mini DPSS lasers: 532nm wavelength green color laser, 635nm red color and 473nm blue color lasers. Fast-speed color-mixing system allows displaying the gamma of over 1 million colors. The projector is placed in a solid, hermetic, steam and dust-proof black anodized box with AR coated output window. Projector weighs less that 10 kilos and is controlled from a portable computer‘s USB port. It can display virtual space objects projected on fog screen, color graphics and animation, text (running line). "Optronika is also a representative of Laserworld in Lithuania ( 
  The professional show design program ( Phoenix or Pangolin) operates in Windows environment. Other applications of the projectors include performances in various events, concerts, exhibitions, city fairs, personal celebrations, marketing events, presentations, discos and nightclubs. Read about the biggest laser installation in Europe successfully performed by our company here... (  






 Projectors for industrial and scientific applications


  Precise positioning of the laser beam used for cutting, engraving, marking on wood, in textile and paper industries. Laser graphics for advertising purposes. Laser lightning in the interior design. 
  Fast modulation of the wavelength or intensity of the laser beam. Used in scientific laboratories in spectroscopic experiments, in experiments on temporary chracteristics of excitation and relaxation processes, other applications of laser technologies. 
  Line imitators, line generators. These are laser devices used in construction/building, furniture and paper industries. 





Laser shutters



  Laser shutter is designed for the fast interruption of high power laser beam in spectral region from UV to NIR (Middle IR design for CO2 laser operation is available on request). Operation of a Laser Shutter is based on the fast galvanomagnetic scanner and original optical system. The scanner is incorporated in the telescope system to achieve speed of blanking better than parts of milliseconds. RS-232 output. Possible applications are: laser cutting, drilling, engraving, laser surgery systems, research and others. The system includes a galvo driver and mount, power supply, galvo mirror, standard cable (Master-Slave) for connecting controller with PC, mechanical accessory for primary alignment of the shutter. As an option, a DPSS green or red laser should be applied for the system alignment.  










    A chiller is used for cooling of laboratory and industrial equipment (lasers, X-ray diffractometers, etc). Water-water or water-air type. Power – up to tens of kilowats.


 5kW chiller for X-ray diffractometer




 Test equipment of the laser speed meters




  Equipment for test and alignment of the commercial laser speed meters UNIPAR and „Traffi Patrol“. After application of new technical decisions, this device became more reliable and compact compared with the analogs. The device can be used in the traffic police laboratories.