Lasers and techniques


             Laser and over techniques used in laser shows


  DPSS laser projectors with Cambridge Technology scanners:


  o   1W RGB multicolor laser projector – 2pc.

  o   4W RGB multicolor laser projector – 1pc.

  o   4W 532nm green color laser projector – 1pc.   

  o   2W 532nm (adjustable power) green color laser projector  – 2pc.  

  o   1W 532nm (adjustable power) green color laser projector  – 1pc. 

  o   300mW 532nm green color laser projector  – 1pc. 

  o   300mW 635nm red color laser projector – 1pc. 

  o   8 laser array, each 300mW 

  o   250mW green color portable lasers - 2pc.


   Fog machines:       

   Antari Z-3000II-2pc.  

   Antari Z-1500-2pc.  

   Antari Z-1200-1pc.  

   Antari X-515 Fogger 1000-1pc.

   Antari Hazer  HZ-400-1pc.  

   Antari Hazer  HZ-100-1pc.    

   Wind turbines - 3pc.



Water screens for laser and video projections:


   o   10m height, 30m width "Peacock tail" type water screen for the outdoor presantations - 4pc 

  o   up to 20m closed-loop screen with a pool and pump – 1pc. 


What kind of laser projector is best for your event? The power of the laser for the event depends on the size of the venue where the show is demonstrated. For outdoor presentations you will need high-power lasers (more than 1W), whereas to ensure good visibility indoors it is enough to have a laser of a few hundred milliwats power.