Laser show
  The 21st century is the age of light technologies, just as the 19th century was marked by the invention of the steam engine or the 20th century is known as the age of electronics. These names of the centuries originate from the innovations in technologies that triggered revolutionary breakthrough in various sciences. Most likely, the trends in 21st century marketing and show business will be predominantly influenced by optical and laser technologies.Laser light performances make events more exclusive, remarkable and allow demonstration of special graphic effects, which quite often leaves the viewers of the show absolutely astonished!  Laser shows are easily designed using custom computer-based software. This way we can easily create laser shows that display logos, text (running line), graphics and animation. The position and size of the object can be changed in seconds.



  OPTRONIKA,Ltd  (ILDA member)  performs  impressive multicolor laser shows indoors and outdoors in city and personal events, presentations, concerts, exhibitions, night clubs. Our grand shows are computer-controled  and allow composition of lights, video, fireworks, lasers, water screens, fog. We create a special tailor-made laser graphics and animation for special personal occasions and marketing events,  display texts and logos and create the impression of virtual space. We produce laser projectors and install laser lightning in the interior of modern buildings.While presenting breath-taking laser light shows, we ensure highest safety standards during indoor and outdoor presentations according ILDA standards.  



                                                  Special laser effects




„Laser web“. Obtained by using a mirror system.



 New! Irreplaceable for advertisement. Laser can be mounted in a car or other mobile place, from there laser graphics          can be shown on a building walls, slopes or even forests


 New! Laser pointer. This is (300mW) laser pointer with autonomous power supply. Can be red green or blue.